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Women are characters who play many important roles in life. Apart from being educators, women are also a source of love for the family. In this global era, the role gap between women and men is gradually closing. Many women occupy important areas of government. In addition, entrepreneurs today are mostly played by women. Since the arrival of Islam in Arab countries, the presence of the importance of women began to increase. Women are allowed to engage in muamalah (economic) activities and are given space to express their skills in society. History also records that many Muslim women have successfully entered the business world. The most famous is Siti Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet who was successful as a trusted and wealthy business woman.

As the digital world evolves on a larger scale than ever before, the process of doing business has changed. Initially using traditional methods, marketing began to move into the digital arena, using social media and market advertising as a place of business. With the opportunity to reach many target markets, today's business activists can see the reach of the internet that can penetrate space and time. In the digital age, there are several barriers to starting a business. The only capital is creativity and courage.

So there is a very significant relationship between what is mentioned in the Qur'an and what is happening today. Islam views all humans as equal, and denies differences in gender, skin color, group, language, lineage, wealth and position. Where those who work professionally based on the intention of worship will get good rewards and results. On the other hand, those who are just playing around and lazy to work have to swallow the bitter fruit of regret. The honor and glory of a person is highly dependent on his behavior, not on a particular gender, group, ethnicity, ethnicity, and nation.


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