Nida' Al-Qur'an : Jurnal Kajian Quran dan Wanita <p>Nida Quran : Jurnal Kajian Quran dan Wanita, jurnal yang mengkaji ilmu-ilmu al Quran dan Wanita yang diterbitkan<br>oleh LPPI Institut Ilmu Al-Qur’an (IIQ) Jakarta.</p> LPPI Institut Ilmu Al-Quran (IIQ) Jakarta en-US Nida' Al-Qur'an : Jurnal Kajian Quran dan Wanita 1829-9954 KONSEP MUNASABAH DALAM AL-QUR’AN PERSPEKTIF WAHBAH AZ-ZUHAILI <p><em>This study aims to explain the application of Wahbah az-Zuhaili's munasabah in the interpretation of Al-Munîr Fi Al-'Aqîdah Wa Asy-Syarî'ah Wa Al-Manhaj and explain the form of munasabah in its interpretation. This study proves that the application of munasabah in the interpretation of al-Munir fi al-'Aqidah wa asy-Shari'ah appears in two reviews of munasabah which are analyzed from its interpretation, namely the pattern of munasabah verses and patterns of munasabah letters. While the form of munasabah used by Wahbah az-Zuhaili includes five forms of munasabah, namely munasabah between verses in one surah, munasabah between sentences and sentences in verses, munasabah between one surah and the previous surah, munasabah between the beginning of the surah and the end of the previous surah and munasabah between the name of the sura with the purpose of its descent.</em></p> Rifdah Farnidah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-02-01 2022-02-01 20 1 1 19 MENGEMBALIKAN AYAT MUTASYÂBIH PADA AYAT MUHKAM <p><em>Al-Qur`an is the Book of Allah (Kit</em><em>â</em><em>bull</em><em>â</em><em>h) which produces various disciplines of knowledge. The holy book that`s believed to be a way of life that must be understood by conducting in-depth studies and observations. Various attempts were made as an effort to understand the contents of the Quran, so that these efforts resulted in variety of knowledge, one of them was the knowledge of Mu<u>h</u>kam and Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih. The study of Mu<u>h</u>kam and Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih is one of the important elements in the discussion of `Ul</em><em>û</em><em>m Al-Qur`an, which historically, the study of this knowledge has been a discussion among scholars since along ago. This article will describe the discussion of Mu<u>h</u>kam and Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih, which includes definitions, genealogy, classification of Mu<u>h</u>kam and Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih, the authority to know the meaning of Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih verses, until takwil and the methods in understanding Mutasy</em><em>â</em><em>bih verses.</em></p> Istiqomah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-02-01 2022-02-01 20 1 20 38 PELUANG BISNIS BAGI WANITA DI ERA DIGITAL DALAM PERSPEKTIF AL-QURAN: STUDI KEBERHASILAH KHADIJAH DALAM BERBISNIS <p><em>Women are characters who play many important roles in life. Apart from being educators, women are also a source of love for the family. In this global era, the role gap between women and men is gradually closing. Many women occupy important areas of government. In addition, entrepreneurs today are mostly played by women. Since the arrival of Islam in Arab countries, the presence of the importance of women began to increase. Women are allowed to engage in muamalah (economic) activities and are given space to express their skills in society. History also records that many Muslim women have successfully entered the business world. The most famous is Siti Khadijah, the wife of the Prophet who was successful as a trusted and wealthy business woman.</em></p> <p><em>As the digital world evolves on a larger scale than ever before, the process of doing business has changed. Initially using traditional methods, marketing began to move into the digital arena, using social media and market advertising as a place of business. With the opportunity to reach many target markets, today's business activists can see the reach of the internet that can penetrate space and time. In the digital age, there are several barriers to starting a business. The only capital is creativity and courage.</em></p> <p><em>So there is a very significant relationship between what is mentioned in the Qur'an and what is happening today. Islam views all humans as equal, and denies differences in gender, skin color, group, language, lineage, wealth and position. Where those who work professionally based on the intention of worship will get good rewards and results. On the other hand, those who are just playing around and lazy to work have to swallow the bitter fruit of regret. The honor and glory of a person is highly dependent on his behavior, not on a particular gender, group, ethnicity, ethnicity, and nation.</em></p> Siti Mu'awanah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-02-01 2022-02-01 20 1 39 50 PERBEDAAN AGAMA DI RANAH KELUARGA DALAM PERSPEKTIF ALQURAN DAN KOMUNIKASI DAKWAH <p><em>Family is the smallest social institution in life. If a family is able to deal with various household problems, then this is a determining factor in determining the quality of humans in it, and vice versa. Therefore, if there are family problems including differences in the religion adopted by family members, then as a reference, from an Islamic perspective there are things that need to be done and taboo to do in order to maintain the rights and feelings between family members of different religions. In addition, the perspective of da'wah and communication science also needs to be a reference to stay on the path of decency. And if a spark of conflict arises, then they understand what needs to be done by referring to the science of da'wah and communication science in managing conflict in families of different religions.</em></p> <p><em>This article can be a reference to find out how important it is to understand the perspective of the Qur'an, da'wah science, and communication science in understanding the discourse of religious differences in the family realm, attitudes between children towards parents of different religions, and the urgency of tolerance towards other religions. The benefits of this research are a source of inspiration, motivation and add insight into the treasures of Islamic scholarship for scientists or practitioners of the science of the Koran, da'wah science, and communication science. This study uses qualitative methods, namely descriptive research methods, using analysis and referring to library data, namely books, journals, and other supporting documents that can support this research. Its application in the family sphere according to the Koran is that the child is asked to remain devoted to his parents even though he is of a different religion, as long as both parents do not command partners with Allah SWT, the child must still respect and obey his parents. Then as for the limits of respecting fellow family members of different religions, it has been answered in the da'wah code of ethics, which includes social interactions with people of different religions, including: a) not forcing them to embrace Islam; b) Do not insult non-Muslim gods; c) Do not underestimate one group with another group. Finally, even if the things above have been done and understood, but still conflicts occur, it is possible to do what is stated in the interpersonal communication theory according to Kathleen S. Verderber, namely: a) by opening lines of communication, b) communication is carried out openly, c) mutual respect and respect for the rights of each family member, d) good at adapting to change, and e) good at managing conflict.</em></p> Al Mukarromah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-02-01 2022-02-01 20 1 51 62 RAGAM QIRA’AT DAN PENGARUHNYA TERHADAP RASM ‘UTSMÂNÎ <p><em>The history of the Qur'an indicates that in the early period of Islamic history, the Qur'an was written "bald", without the slightest punctuation. A new vocalization system was introduced later. Even so, 'Uthman's race did not pose a problem at all because the Muslims at that time learned the Qur'an directly from their companions, by memorizing, and not from writing. They do not rely on manuscripts or writings. So Arabic writing is not the cause of the birth of differences in qira'at. In fact, he was very helpful in studying the authentic qira'at-qira'at with the situation at the time of writing the 'Uthmân mushhaf, namely the absence of punctuation. The main guideline is not writing because if there is one reading that may be contained in, and is in accordance with the Ottoman Mushaf, but is not narrated from the Messenger of Allah, then that reading is rejected by Islamic scholars because the basis of qira'at is history. The variety of qira'at already existed before the Rasm and the Rasm of the Qur'an was agreed upon and made in such a way that it could represent and accommodate the various qira'at received. </em></p> Mutmainnah Copyright (c) 2022 2022-02-01 2022-02-01 20 1 63 79