• Ade Nailul Huda Institut Ilmu Al Quran (IIQ) Jakarta
Keywords: Al-Qur’an's Munasabah Science, Asmaul Husna


Al-Qur’an's munasabah science (the science of interrelation and interdependence of its verses) in its history includes fields of science that have recently been present and researched in the field of the new al-Biqai Interpretation (885 H) which makes munasabah as a style of interpretation taken and used specifically as an exegesis. However, if traced to the history of the commentary and interpretation, actually the science of interrelation and interdependence of Quranic verses has been born since the era of companions and their successors when they understood the verse that has a correlation with the previous verse or after it. In the use of asmaul husna's redaction in Al-Qur’an, there are also harmony between the meaning of asmaul husna and the content of its verse, especially if we focus on the application of Asmaul Husna as a closing verse, it can be seen that all Asmaul Husna which is used as a closing verse is always in accordance with the theme of its discussion.

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