• Hamdani Anwar UIN Syarif Hiadayatullah Jakarta
Keywords: Interpretation of the Prophet, Absolute Truth, Ijmali


Muslims are in complete agreement that the Prophet always conveys the revelations he received from God through the angel Gabriel. In addition, they also agreed that he always explained the verses that he received. However, not many know what he means while explaining these verses. Some assume that he has interpreted all the verses of the Koran without exception. Some others suspect that he did not interpret all the verses of the Koran. Some even say that he only interpreted a small part of the verses of the Koran. This article will correct the wrong assumption around the interpretation of the Prophet toward Koranic verses and will try to clarify it so that the questions arisen around this interpretation are worthy of being given a complete answer. Through critical analysis method, it can be concluded that the Prophet interpret the verse of the Koran in large numbers, even though not all the verses of it, is the most appropriate opinions. The situation of Companions who speak Arabic becomes a strong reason why the Prophet did not interpret it as a whole. However, the fact that not all Companions have the same level of intelligence shows the fact of the difference on the opinion that the Prophet had only interpreted a small part of the verse of the Koran. The existence of the Interpretation of the Prophet was not recorded as the book of interpretation as it is found now, but it is only found in many books of hadith.

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