• Huzaemah Tahido Yanggo Institut Ilmu Al Quran (IIQ) Jakarta
Keywords: Position of Women in Islam, Gender, equality


Islamic history recorded that women in the early days of Islam were honored. Islam had elevated the dignity of women from a disadvantaged position in the time of Jahiliyah. In the Koran, the concept of equality of men and women is expressed explicitly. The difference which is used as a measure of elevating or lowering their dignity is only at the value of devotion and worship to Allah. (Surat al-Hujurat [49]: 13). But the problem is that the existence of women is now still considered as marginal by the general public. This is due to the teachings of customs that have been practiced so that it is difficult to change. On the other hand, there are false assumptions and understandings of Islamic teachings that are related to the position of women, so that there is an assumption and expression that says that Islamic teachings prevent women from advancing themselves. This paper will rectify incorrect understandings regarding the position of women in Islam. Islam never prohibits women from working in public sphere and developing their careers. In fact, Islam protects women's rights and eliminates discrimination between women and men.

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